Kira Hawke 2015Kira Hawke is a young actor, indie musician, comedienne and filmmaker who has already attracted attention for her hilariously irreverent, uncompromising and transformative true-to-self persona. She has her own improvisational one-woman show on YouTube called “The Kira Chronicles, writing skits and making use of situational humour to farcical, exaggeratedly sped-up effect. Dressing up in zanily costumed and wigged alter egos such as ‘Esmerina’, she frequently lampoons herself, family members and stereotypes.

Born in Melbourne VIC, Kira spent much of her childhood on the Gold Coast. In high school she was a member of Gold Coast City Choir, involved in productions through Spotlight Youth Theatre, attended Youth Dance School, talent quests and other school-based arts programs. In addition she has acted in several student short films in both speaking and non-speaking roles, as well as worked on set in a variety of technical roles.

Because of her eclectic, lifelong passion for music and idols such as Elvis Presley, The Black Keys and Blink 182 to name a few, Kira underwent profession vocal training with renowned vocal instructor, Ruth Gurner. She has performed acoustic cover gigs all around Queensland in both solo singing and guitar accompaniment.

In 2014, she moved back to Melbourne to mine and develop her musical and film career further. She has been stretching her choral chops by attending a few open mic nights across Western Melbourne suburbia. She is currently studying Bachelor of Film through SAE Institute of Creative Media, which will help her not only to understand better film theory and the general principles of making art, regardless of platform, but also to finely straddle both sides of the screen.

Unique, bubbly, thoughtful and funkily unordothox, Kira is set to blossom while keeping her sense of shock-ofthe-new humour and integrity intact.